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Our mission


10x Labs exist because we believe that right now is the best time ever to be alive, and that tomorrow will be even better. An exponentially improved future is made possible through technology. Our work is to empower people and organizations with the necessary mindset to make that happen.


Leverage exponential technologies within your organization and team. Learn how to prototype, test, iterate and deploy innovations in a cost-effective way that maximizes learning. Create a mission-driven culture built on experimentation.


10x Labs provide learning experiences for enterprises that seek to become exponential. We assist with innovation management and Design Thinking practices. We do Prototyping-as-a-Service.

Learning products

Our 10x Canvas is the perfect tool to start your learning experience towards an exponential outcome.


Our work

90 Days of Make

During June, July and August of 2016 we spent the hot Swedish summer in the lab and on the road. Together with our enterprise partners, 10Labs went deep into the maze of Design Thinking and emerged on the other side with concrete innovations in hand. 

Through field work we explored and then took the first step towards countering Uber head on, and how to establish a public agency skunkwork initiative in the process. In partnership with Blekingetrafiken Designstudio.

By leveraging exponential technology combined with a new focus on end user experience, we helped our industrial enterprise partner Roxtec International to establish a new paradigm for systematized innovation.

We created Virtual Reality videos, Augmented Reality concepts, collaborated with artists and even made a book. Now we continue.


Blekingetrafiken DesignstudioRoxtec


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Public Transport Prototyping

Since June 2016 we have the ongoing privilege to explore, prototype and iterate the future of public transport in Sweden.

In a rapidly changing world where transport is becoming electrified, autonomous and on-demand the traditional role of public transport providers is under active disruption.

Together with our partner we seek to leverage these exponential trends and create a 10X improvement over current transport experiences – and to provide value that not even Uber can match.


Blekingetrafiken Designstudio


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10x Reality

We are convinced that the smart phone era has peaked, and that the connected global community stands at the threshold of the next wave of personal computing.

In the imminent future, we will embrace truly wearable computing. This include but are not limited to the already available Google Daydream and Tango technology, with devices like the Microsoft HoloLens, Daqri smart helmet and Magic Leap soon to follow.

This is not merely Virtual Reality, but Augmented Reality. The promise of this futuristic technology, that is already present, is to provide contextual and personalized information and problem solving support to everybody. We believe that it will make us smarter and more capable to do otherwise impossible tasks.

The successor to the smart phone will not only augment the reality of billions of people in the coming decade, it will enhance our personal and collective intelligence. Starting now. 10Labs will invest its own time, money and curiosity in designing for impact with this technology.

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10x Labs is founded upon years of academic research & practical startup experience.

We combine science with entrepreneurship for exponential outcomes.

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