We don't do incremental.




Origin of 10x Labs

10x Labs exists to do two things. It explores how to build a drastically improved world upon exponential technologies. It also facilitates these insights, and the belief that springs from them, to others. The initiative was prototyped in late 2014 and launched at full scale early the following year. The core conviction that drives us, the founders, is that it’s indeed technologically possible to solve all the grand global challenges that face our species today. We use 10x Labs as a vehicle to spread this belief. Our driving force is to convince more and more people that humanity’s greatest deeds lie ahead of us.

We work with large companies to navigate their transformation process from something defined by legacy to a future driven by innovation. We co-create with startups and independent makers to understand what lies ahead. Our curiosity is kindled by technology that has the capacity to affect one billion people or more. Especially so if only few others think so, yet.

The main lab is geographically located on the southeastern edge of Sweden. We travel everywhere and discover a lot.

Moonshot Paradigm?

Few great things were discovered by aiming at a comfortable target. We believe that remarkable is what remarkable does, and what we learn from failures as well as successes along the way.

10x Labs Moonshot Paradigm means accelerated innovation in an optimised physical environment in conjunction with a tailored process for how to get the right things done, faster. It is a product that we offer to large companies that has begun to transform themselves, but need to execute at greater speed and reduce the inherent friction. We design, deploy and curate the off-site spaces that in our view are required in order to let go of the old and discover the new. We facilitate the innovation process and help form the teams.

We help big companies do feats comparable to what Lockheed Martin did in 1943 when they went from zero to one and produced a new jet fighter in 143 days. That’s what’s needed.