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Hyperloop Makers interview: Conant Hyperloop, the high school heroes

Hyperloop Makers interview: Conant Hyperloop, the high school heroes

How to make the Hyperloop real? First of all, you need to make people not fear it. That was the challenge that the young makers of Conant High School, Chicago, decided to undertake as they joined the SpaceX Hyperloop Design Competition.

The questions of security, warning systems and how to best utilise existing infrastructure to aid the construction of the Hyperloop are perhaps not the coolest aspects of the concept if you ask an average engineer. At the very least, these topics were all but unexplored in the original Elon Musk white paper from 2013.

Little surprise then perhaps, that the team from Conant were able to add a metric ton of value to the larger Hyperloop Movement by focusing on precisely that. They sure got an award for it, and continue to be a part of the ongoing competition.

In this inaugural episode of the 10X Podcast, our host Sebastian Sjöberg is joined by Drew Patel, Thomas Moore & Nick Pope from Conant Hyperloop.

They talk about how their vision in particular and the larger challenge, and allure, of the Hyperloop in general. Also, electrical vertical take-off & landing jets.

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