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Hyperloop Makers interview: Delft Hyperloop

The Delft Hyperloop team do mean business, as they proved during the Hyperloop SpaceX Design Weekend at the end of January 2016.

With a compelling and fully integrated pod design, a sleek demo of their technology (and massive flags!) they won the judges’ hearts and walked away with a prestigious second place award.

On this episode of the 10X Labs podcast, we speak with Tim and Kian of the Delft Hyperloop team and talk about their chosen path. They have so far not only managed to execute on an ambitious design, but also to gain the support of many sponsors and enablers to help them in their journey. Here, we get to know how and why Delft Hyperloop has managed this impressive undertaking.

If you’re a Hyperloop Maker, this should give you a lot of concrete ideas as well av visionary fodder. If you’re a newcomer to the emerging Hyperloop scene and want to get familiar fast, check out the link below for a good introduction:


Delft contact:




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