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Hyperloop Makers interview: Drexel, from the streets of Philadelphia

Hyperloop Makers interview: Drexel, from the streets of Philadelphia

Gathered around their dragon banner and from all of the streets of Philadelphia, the team from Drexel University do mean business in their pursuit of making the Hyperloop a reality.

Business is actually not a bad word, as the fast growing team of Drexel engineers are organised very much like a startup. For now, the focus remains to become the winners of the SpaceX Hyperloop Design Competition. Yet, once summer has come and gone, the foundation for a venture that stretches beyond academia has been laid.

This conversation should interest you as a Hyperloop maker. Even more so if you’re an investor or strategic leader at one of the established infrastructure companies that recently have begun to make moves into the emerging Hyperloop space. These young guns do make it happen, and here they tell their tale.

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