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Hyperloop Makers interview: Hyperloop UC of Cincinnati

Hyperloop Makers interview: Hyperloop UC of Cincinnati

Transportation is indeed a global grand challenge, and solving it will require 10X improvements over the century-old technical solutions we use today. The Hyperloop will, we firmly believe, be a core component of that.

Therefore, we speak with yet another winning team from the SpaceX Hyperloop Design Weekend – Hyperloop UC!

Hailing from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, these budding engineers are building an entire pod and they enjoy a lot of support from not just their faculty but also the wider Ohio business community.

Joining us today are Debasis, Jessica and Siddharth. They share their views on what it will take to deploy the Hyperloop at scale throughout the world, and how they mean accelerate that development.

If you’re a fellow Hyperloop Maker, this should give you new ideas and perhaps also open real doors for collaboration. If you’re an investor, an entrepreneur or just someone curious about the Hyperloop – listen and you’ll learn a lot.


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