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Hyperloop Makers interview: rLoop, founded on the Internet

The Hyperloop idea promises to change the world by moving our global community up one order of magnitude in terms of transportation. Yeah.

If you’re curious but don’t know what it is, then start with reading our introduction to this epic subject and then come back and listen to this.

One of the teams that has pledged to deliver on this promise is rLoop, founded on reddit and now a 400 person army of engineers spread across the world and the Internet.

In this interview we speak with Brent Lessard, Project Manager, and Tom Lambot, Lead Engineer. They were at the SpaceX Design Competition in Texas where they received a winning award from Elon Musk himself.

We explore not just the rLoop approach to the Hyperloop itself, but also their chosen path of distributed engineering.

When they do their part in making the Hyperloop a reality for the masses, they will not only have achieved a herculean task. They will also have proved that you can do so without many of the conventional trappings of work.


It is an interesting, and unfolding, story. rLoop is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to help raise funds for their pod. Listen to this podcast to find out why should back them, and then do so here:


rLoop is everywhere online. Here are a few of those places:






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