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Hyperloop Makers interview: Transpod, an infrastructure startup

Hyperloop Makers interview: Transpod, an infrastructure startup

The Hyperloop scene is growing up quickly. Sparked by the super-credibility of Elon Musk and further fueled by thousands of engineers, this moonshot paradigm is evolving into a nascent industry. Fast.

Today we interview one of the makers in this space that does not merely see the Hyperloop as a fun engineering challenge, but a clear and available business opportunity as well.

Sebastien Gendron is the founder & CEO of Transpod Inc, a Canadian infrastructure startup that will manufacture Hyperloop pods and systems to eager customers in the future.

They are partnering with the infrastructure behemoths that built and maintain our current world, and who may be doing so again with emerging exponential technologies such as the Hyperloop. Transpod would like to be the spearhead of that.

This interview provides a lot of detail straight from the field regarding not just the engineering behind such an endeavour, but how to found a company on top of it. It gets interesting very fast, we think.

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