We don't do incremental.

What we offer

Exponential Business Transformation


Why 10X, not 10%

Understand why striving for 10X is not ten times harder, but ten times more worth it.

Learn why incremental is not safe at all, and how exponential is the best way to mitigate risk.

See how being a company driven by a 10X vision will benefit you today, not only if you reach that lofty goal.


Technology Exploration

Among all the different emerging technologies that hover just outside your field of view, which one should you explore. Is Virtual Reality relevant for your organisation? Is the Blockchain? How to quickly test, validate and learn?

It’s an exponential smorgasbord of tech out there. We’d love to help you pick and choose.


Rapid Prototyping

The distance between zero and one is infinite, and it happens when people lean in and make something out of a chosen technology aimed at a challenging problem.

To hypothesise, experiment & to constantly learn from rapid prototyping make an exponential organisation.


Exponential Leadership

How to equip leaders within your organisation with the tools to take others into the unknown.

How to form a culture driven by courage, curiosity and shared sense of purpose.


Accelerated Innovation

Pick a problem, choose the appropriate technology and define experiments. Test, learn and iterate.

How to run like a startup, alongside the company mothership.


Moonshot Deployment

How to design & deploy massively transformative projects that (re-)define your organisation.

We provide exponential business transformation through these learning experiences


Step 1

Why 10X, not 10%

As you know, we live in a world of ever more rapid change.

In fact, the rate of change is exponential and its drivers are technology and global grand challenges.

Reflexively, people as well as organisations seek to avoid risks – and especially so during tension and uncertainty.

But if tense uncertainty is the norm, how can we take any risks at all?

How do others do it?

Can you take advantage of this ever changing present and surf into the rapidly approaching future?

We believe you can, and that the answer is to forego an incremental perspective in favour of an exponential mindset.

10X is harder than 10%, but not 10 times harder.

You benefit from this approach from the outset, as the aspiration defines you and your organisation from step one.

10X, unlike 10%, make the impending changes to your industry and every other into a foreseeable opportunity.

Step 2

Technology Exploration

We believe that companies either innovate or they seize to matter. Impactful innovation requires a high level of courage within an organisation. In order to build up courage, we start with kindling people’s curiosity.

10x Labs has a wide and ever-growing toolkit of technologies that we provide to partners. Modular robotics, plug & play Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, 3D printers, drones and more.

With these solution components we lead people into relentless prototyping. People start to make things fast and gain genuine insights of their own. This turns the future from being threatening into something exciting.

The value of a Technology Exploration learning experience is for a group of people to have fun, to make things and to lean in. It may look like play, but it’s serious play. It is the first step towards transforming into an organisation defined by bold actions and constant experimentation.

Want to explore?

Do you work at a large incumbent company? Do you fear technological disruption? Do you want to transform your organisation into a bold and innovation-driven culture?

Then we’d love to make things together.


Step 3

Rapid Prototyping

Above all, an exponential organisation is a constantly and collectively learning organisation. In fact, its main metric for success is not profit but how many structured experiments that have been made over the last week or month. Only by being focused on first-hand learning can a company feel safe in the face of uncertainty, and craft for itself a lead against others.

So how to implement such a paradigm? It starts and ends with rapid prototyping. You test your assumptions against reality by doing many, frequent and measured experiments all the time. That way the cost of failure is kept low, and the price for insights are made cheap. You do this according to a process, and with the appropriate tools and technologies for your team. This is what we’d like to help you with.

Step 4

Innovation Leadership

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.

-Margaret Mead, social anthropologist

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Our playbook

How to lead workshops:
Rapid prototyping:
How to measure learning:
How to work in distributed teams:



Change starts with a few committed people acting upon a new idea. It then spreads concentrically outwards, gaining more followers and changing behaviour. Just like a startup.

The ride-sharing company Uber launched in 2010 and on December 30th 2015 they had achieved 1,000,000,000 trips. We live in times of exponential change and opportunity.

10x Labs wants to help you transform your organisation from within. We provide a playbook for how to make co-creators out of colleagues. We help you measure innovation and quantify learnings. We give you the concrete tools by which to lead, and not just manage, people.

The future is not set and to go there is to head into the unknown, but there is a method to that madness. We believe it is leadership through innovation.

Do you and your team seek the means to

change your entire company from within?


Step 5

Accelerated Innovation

Speed is of the essence, as everything and everyone else are going ever faster.

If you seek exponential business transformation, finding a way to ship your value faster in a data-driven way is the key to success.

Once you have an experimental culture with a 10X mindset, getting product out the door and into the right people’s hands is the next step.

Accelerated innovation means to go beyond mere prototyping and actually build remarkable things with accuracy and at scale.

You accomplish this by implementing the right technologies in your workflow and production line, and then you measure everything.

Perhaps Virtual Reality simulations can 10X the speed of your design process?

Can the Blockchain improve the security and trust of your product?

How do you measure it?

We can help you design the processes for shipping better things faster, and assist in making decisions about what technologies to use in enhancing this ability.

Step X

How to disrupt your own company

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Moonshot Deployment

A plan for how to do big. One step at a time.

Once there was Kodak, and Nokia. Also Blockbuster. The record industry ruled the world of music distribution.

No more.

There still is General Electric. Disney prevailed. IBM got rid of its past and is now forging the future. The Philippines government is moving their economy onto the Blockchain.

The difference between the legacy institutions that perished and those who are now experiencing a second renaissance is simple. The latter party changed themselves, through a baptism by fire, into something new.

This is hard to do. It means letting go of tried and tested revenue streams. It requires risk-taking and experimentation. It will, eventually and inevitably, lead to new initiatives cannibalising the old company. That is not easy.

We believe that the way to overcome these challenges is to launch your own Moonshot Paradigm. You gather a small group of committed people tasked with solving a truly hard problem. They have a very small budget. They are located far away from the company mothership in an environment designed not for comfort but for accelerated innovation. They answer to one company leader, and no middle managers.

10x Labs helps you design such spaces. We provide a methodology and a process for how to deploy teams in such a fashion for optimal results. We assist your organisation in curating these assets, so that the right people can focus on the right problems.

Change is the only constant. No one is immune to disruption. It is however possible to disrupt yourself, rather than having an outsider do it to you. That is how you start surfing the wave of change, and avoid being crushed by it.

Co-creating possible futures with Volvo Construction Equipment

Innovation Spaces

Innovation Spaces

How to optimise a physical environment for making new discoveries, not business as usual.

How to make the space echo the purpose of the mission.

How to create a place that begets action.



How to work fast towards an exponential goal.

How to define yourself from what you learn.

How to relentlessly prototype your way to insights that cannot be dismissed.



Share with and learn from other 10x Labs partners.

Co-create independent projects together with us.

Meet the startups, students & academic institutions that we work with.

Does your company need to deploy a Moonshot?